About Us

Kingdom Products are materials craftsmen use each day in decorative concrete installation.   It is our goal to provide installers and hardscape designers with reliable, high quality materials that will achieve flawless results with every project.   We constantly add new items to the product line and are committed to offering only premium quality materials.

Kingdom Products was developed by Bart Sacco, president of both the Concrete Kingdom Decorative Training Center (Throop, Pennsylvania) and Concrete Texturing Tool & Supply, a supply store that has dealt exclusively in decorative concrete products for more than ten years.   This superb product line is a natural extension of the expertise we gained over the past two decades in the Decorative Concrete Industry.

What We Do

Kingdom Products produces a full line of professional quality decorative concrete products:

  • concrete sealers (solvent- and water-based)
  • epoxies
  • polyaspartic coatings and floor wax
  • bubble gum liquid release agent
  • concrete stains, dyes, and colored sealers
  • concrete countertop forms and accessories
  • Kingdom Products color hardener and antique release agent- Introduced in 2010!
  • Repair & Restoration Materials

Kingdom Products field tests every product, and our team is extremely particular about the materials we introduce and promote under our product label. Kingdom Products is committed to bringing you only the highest quality professional products.

Why We Do It!

When the V.O.C. laws changed in our region in 2004-2005, the major label factories we worked with changed their product formulas but didn’t communicate any information about the changes in the materials. As a result, we experienced numerous product-related failures that the factories passed off as due to poor installation techniques. However, the problems we saw were similar in nature and extended to a wide range of installers and regions.

Mr. Sacco states, “We just got plain old fed up with the major factories’ product formula changes and their policy of not informing any of us about it.” These changes affected everyone’s work and caused much grief for the contractors and the homeowners they worked for. Kingdom Products was founded in 2006 as an answer to the problems presented by the major factories.